How to overcome your fear of public speaking


A man speaking in public

Your greatest fear is most likely your greatest source of inspiration. Your fear, combined with your vision, will lead you to your destination. A speaker must be able to communicate clearly and impart valuable information to a large group of people who are eager to hear the message. They are interested in new ideas, answers, and information that will guide them down the right path to achieve whatever it is they are looking for.

Tips to overcome your fear of public speaking

Good preparation of notes and material

  • Understanding the purpose of your speech is always the first step.
  • Write an outline of your speech.
  • Underline or highlight key points of your speech.
  • Read your draft as many times as possible to add or delete anything that you need to.
  • Use this time to correct any errors you may have made.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice speaking aloud in the room. This will help you in identifying any possible problems prior to the day of your presentation. And you will feel more relaxed. Don't be afraid of "silence or pauses," because they always seem longer to you than to the audience.

Present visual aids

Depending on your subject, use visual images that are humorous or touching. This helps you emphasize your key points while also ensuring that your audience remembers them.

Engage your audience

Spend some time before your presentation learning about your audience, who they are, what their expectations are, what their values are, and so on. Breaking the ice at the right time will allow you to become much more than just the guy who came to discuss something. Make Your Presentation an Interactive Experience. Tell Relatable and Inspiring Stories

Breathing Exercise

Take some deep breaths before, and especially during, your public speaking event. Don't be in a hurry. Keep yourself calm

Be Real

Always ensure that behave yourself and stay completely natural. Share some of your personal stories. this is always a good way of connecting with your audience.

Remember, giving a speech is much more about the hours you put into it before you ever get up in front of an audience than it is the few minutes of your life actually spent presenting. You are the expert in the room, believe in yourself.